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The Four Corners of Ottawa

Lee is the most reliable person I possibly ever met in my life. He truly works for your benefit and only has your best interest at heart. Not only does he do his job well, but he also somehow knows what you want more than you do. He works with an awesome team to give you the best house buying experience possible. Especially when things aren't going as planned, you can always count on him to step up and provide a level headed solution to the problem. First time home buyer, but if I buy another house, Lee is the only man for me! Abdi - Abdi

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Our buying/selling experience with Lee as our agent has been wonderful. Lee and his team remove the stress from this process, as all aspects are handled smoothly and efficiently. With Lee, there is no wasted time - he works quickly but does not rush his clients. He ensures everyone's comfort and understanding with decisions and paperwork before moving on. He listens to his clients and offers honest guidance. Lee is also very flexible and accommodating - he's been at our house early in the morning and late at night. We would highly recommend his services to anybody and would definitely work with him again! Thank you, Lee! - Matt & Becky

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Let me start off by saying that we were expecting someone else as our realtor. And then we were told that Lee would be the realtor showing up. And so he did. From the first meeting, there was a good vibe about him. He was friendly and personable but in a way that made you feel comfortable. So we said yes to him being our realtor. Over the months, this is what I came to understand of Lee: Lee really cared what was best for us as a family. He listened to us but also challenged us to make us consider and identify our needs. We had conversations and meetings at unusual hours to accommodate our unique family schedule. He was extremely responsive whether it was an emergency or not. And willing to provide advice and share both sides of an issue, which was not done in a belittling or patronizing way. He was very positive but cautious at the same time so as to set the proper expectations considering the challenges of selling a rural property in December. But honestly, this is a lot of words to say this: he's really good at his job. - Vu & family

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"Thank you so much with the assistance finding me a new home. It is perfect and has all the qualities I wanted without going over budget. I also very much appreciated you providing contacts for lawyers, moving companies, house inspectors and more. You never made me feel rushed or pressured and I very much believe you always acted in my best interest, especially when I was suggesting houses that maybe were not best suited for me in the end. Thanks again! We love the house and are very happy here." - KayC

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